How do vouchers work?

How Do Restaurant Vouchers Save You Money? carefully chooses reputable restaurants in our vacation destinations to include as bonus enhancements for our vacation packages with Voucher credits we source from select discount providers. In most cases these vouchers require a minimum purchase which the voucher credit can be applied too similar to GroupOn™ and popular Daily Deal restaurant offers.

The majority of our Restaurant Voucher Credits are obtained through, a trusted source for over 10 years. Our service allows our customers to try new restaurants at a discounted price. The minimum purchase requirement varies based on the restaurant and certificate denomination but is always higher than the value of the certificate. For example, a $100 certificate with a minimum $200 purchase means you will need to spend at least $200 at the restaurant before tax and tip. The restaurant will deduct $100 from your bill leaving you with the balance plus the tax and tip.

All Restaurant Certificates have no expiration dates! does have an exchange always policy. This means you can exchange your restaurant specific gift certificates at any time to allow you to make another restaurant selection. You can reach customer service by calling (800) 979-8985. This line is open from 8 am to 8 pm CST Monday through Friday.